Sabieh ul hassan

Founder: Tauseef Memorial School

Flying against the wind, surfing against the flow, still I believe, beyond I will go!
-Sabieh Ul Hassan

Sabieh Ul Hasan Rizvi  is a 31 year old passionate change maker from Karachi, Pakistan who comes from a humble middle class family. He is the Co-founder and Vice President of Pakistani Youth Organization as well as Principal and Project Manager of Tauseef Memorial School.

Sabieh studied B.Com, M.A (Economics), M.A (International Relations)  from University of Karachi. Currently he is doing B.Ed from Virtual University so he can further apply his education and better Tauseef Memorial School. He continues to improve himself by completing various certificates and courses related to IT, Accounting and teachers training.

Sabieh  currently runs Pakistani Youth Organization as Vice President. Its a youth led organization and their main project is TMS (Tauseef Memorial School). Along with running the organization he also is the Principal of TMS. They also run a small computer institute (CTC- computer Training Center) for the literate people of the area. In addition to their literacy efforts for children and adults, they also  conduct activities for the needy people under their Helping The Needy (HTN) campaign.


Sabieh's inspiration - how it all began    

"My friend Sheraz Ali Khan is a very motivated person and traveled around the world and saw the image of Pakistan which was not quite satisfactory. We also believed that the Youth of Pakistan can do wonders and make the lives better of our brothers and sisters. Therefore, we decided to start a youth platform where we can help in solving social problems together. I accompanied him in everything and so we formed Pakistani Youth Organization (PYO). Along with many volunteer activities we opted to mainly work for education as it is the root cause of many issues. For that, we surveyed to initiate a school for the deserving kids"

In 2007,  3 months after establishing PYO, a very dedicated member Tauseef, who was a student of PAF(kiet) died in a road accident. That's how they named their school project as Tauseef Memorial School. They had no money or resources. The only thing they had was motivation to make Tauseef's and their dream come true. After a lot of struggle and searching the group found a terrace area in a building in a slum locality known as Madina Colony.

Undoubtedly, running this project was very tough in the beginning since they were all in the beginnings of their careers or completing university education. Though there was support in the beginning, eventually their friends had other obligations and couldn't continue.  But Sabieh was driven and didn't want to give up on their project and dream. He balanced working, finishing university and teaching at TMS in the evenings.  August, 1st, 2007, was the first day of Tauseef memorial School. They gathered bare feet children from the narrow streets and convinced them to spend time with them every evening.

Sabieh began to form relationships with the students and enjoyed spending time with the children. Eventually Sabieh grew the project and created a  team of teachers. Sir Feroz joined their team in 2009 who was an experienced teacher. Sabieh learned a lot from them and gradually moved towards the vision. Sheraz, on the other hand, took the responsibility of TMS' financial needs and worked hard after moving to Canada, to ensure the funding needs were met.

"My passion is to educate all the illiterate children of our country. Pakistani education system is still in the struggling stage that is why I took this responsibility to fulfill it with passion. Since my childhood, I was eager to do something that can benefit many people. I always wanted to create example for the fellow citizens that nothing is impossible if you have the passion and honesty for the cause"

It was all new for me, there were many eyes full of hopes, that drove me to make impossible things possible! Allah helped me in every step, and I used to pray a lot for it
Sabieh is hopeful for Pakistans future and believes Pakistani patriotic youngsters are a big hope for the future of Pakistan. Pakistani people are full of talents. There would be no comparison of any educated Pakistani individual in the world. Pakistanis are accelerating in almost every field now. He would like to invite people to visit Pakistan and explore the cultures, values, diversified people and experience the natural beauty. They had a French and Canadian visitor to their school in Pakistan and traveled with them in 2011. They had many negative thoughts about Pakistan but after realizing the realities, they were totally fascinated and promoted the positive that is the real side of Pakistan in their countries.

How you can help Tauseef Memorial School 

  • Sponsor a child from anywhere in the world, using Paypal or a bank account click here >
  • If you are in Pakistan you can volunteer at TMS and assist with teaching or tutoring the children. Reach out via Facebook to find out how you can help
  • Currently TMS is  preparing to raise a large amount to make TMS secure and sustainable. Since the school's space is being rented out and the building is on sale now, which means TMS has to either purchase the building or find another space. Buying the building means scaling the project and increasing the number of students that can benefit from education as well.