abdul mueed

FOUNDER: rasoi and abdul mueed welfare trust



Abdul Mueed is a 27 year old who lives in Lahore, Pakistan. His family life is like a lot of us, father is a businessman while mother is a homemaker. But what makes Abdul unique from the rest of us is that he has a disease called Muscular Dystrophy, which has made it impossible to move his body. 

When Abdul was 10 years old his mother discovered that something wasn't right as he would often collapse while walking. After further investigations with the doctors he was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy. Despite all the physical challenges this disease brought on him, Abdul persevered and continued his education, and was determined to go to university. Abdul attended a high school in Lahore and passed 10th grade with first division. After that he was studied at Government College University where he completed his FSC. He was admitted to UCP for his Bachelors in Commerce and attended university for 2 months when suddenly his lungs had collapsed and he was hospitalized for over a month. When Abdul was released he was on a ventilator which made it very challenging for him to continue his education. Keep in mind Pakistan has limited resources when it comes to accommodating anyone with special needs. 

Even though life kept throwing challenges at Abdul, he did not give up. Instead of being disappointed in his university education ending, Abdul turned this obstacle into an opportunity. He started a company called Rasoi last year, which is a meal delivery service in Lahore. Along with that Abdul runs Abdul Mueed Welfare Trust (founded a couple of years ago), which helps people in need with their education or medical treatments. 

Abdul's biggest inspiration is his father who runs his own business and is very involved in giving to those in need. He gets his daily motivation from his parents, he sees them working hard every day, morning to night and he is determined to follow their example, despite the limitations he has physically. He hopes to become a successful entrepreneur and continue to help people in need using profits from his business. 

He is very optimistic about Pakistan's future, because he sees the rising trend of the millennials creating their own companies and becoming entrepreneurs. They don't consider one occupation better than the other and that's Abdul's hope that will change Pakistan. 

Abdul truly believes, everything that happens to us, happens for our own good. It may not be pleasant at the moment but its what we need. 

Everything happens for our own good!

Abdul's message to everyone is, don't shy away from challenges that life throws at you, keep fighting and don't give up! He encourages people to become entrepreneurs and start their own companies and organizations. 

how you can help

Abdul Mueed Welfare Trust needs your help!

If you know of any one in need in terms of their education finances or medical treatment costs, please send a message to the organization by clicking here

You can also make a donation by using the bank information below: 


Abdul Mueed Meezan Bank

Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate

Most importantly, join his team! Its not always easy for Abdul to leave his home and he needs passionate people to join his team to make an impact the community and change lives. He needs a team of people who are willing to work with him and also assist with work that cannot always be done via the computer or internet at home.